At Prescott we understand that a spiritual journey can be somewhat intimidating.  Whether you have church experience in your background or not checking out a church can be awkward.

All you have to do is look around and you realize that there are many different kinds of churches.  They come in different sizes, they have different beliefs, they have different styles.  It can be very confusing.

Our commitment to you, is to help you deal with all that confusion, and discover if Prescott is the place for you to continue your personal spiritual journey.  God is at work at Prescott.  We see and hear him all the time.

Know this; you are loved and you are welcome.

Check out Discovering Prescott for an opportunity to find out what God is doing here firsthand and to participate in the excitement.

Our prayer is that you will discover a community to belong to, a mission to embrace, and an ever-growing personal relationship with God.

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